New Distillery Opens in England


Entrepreneur Daniel Szor, originally from the USA, is all set to distil single malt whisky at his premises in Stourton, Warwickshire. The Cotswolds Distillery will create ultra-premium small batch single malt, available from 2017 but orders are already being taken from whisky fans. All ingredients will be from the Cotswolds to ensure a truly authentic and unique malt and Daniel has employed the services of a Master Distiller from Scotland and a wood consultant.

In addition to the whisky which will retail at £44.95, the company will be producing dry gin, brandies and liqueurs from local fruits and berries.

Daniel said “We are excited to be creating an adventurous new landmark for the region and English whisky. We have employed the services of Craig Mackinlay of Breeze Creative because he really does understand the whole concept of bringing to life a new drinks brand from branding, packaging and production to the whole visitor centre experience.”

September 2014


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