The Complete Picture

Loxley Colour Labs

Leading UK photolab Loxley Colour has a reputation for innovation, quality and excellent service in the photographic industry, working with some of the world’s top photographers.
The company has recently expanded its Customer Service and IT Support Teams in response to increasing customer demand and now employs over 40 people, located in custom-designed premises in Glasgow City Centre. With a UK-wide client base, Loxley has developed an exclusive Remote Order Entry System, giving customers simple and fast access to photographic production options of their choice.

Having worked hard on ensuring the back-end operations of the business are first class, Chris Kay, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Loxley Colour, wanted to bring the company’s communications materials in line and develop materials reflective of the high calibre of work output by the company. To date, Craig Mackinlay of Breeze Creative has produced a sales pack, assorted press ads and the new look company newsletter ‘The Complete Picture’ which is mailed out quarterly.



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